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Title:The Fabulous Forties: 50 Movies
More Titles:Adventures Of Gallant Bess, The Adventures Of Tartu, The Black Book [1949], Boys Of The City, Broadway Limited, The Chase [1946], Cheers For Miss Bishop, D.O.A. [1950], The Devil Bat, Dick Tracy's Dilemma, Dishonored Lady, Dr. Kildare's Strange Case, Drums Of Africa [1941], Freckles Comes Home, Guest In The House, Gung Ho! [1943], His Girl Friday, The Immortal Battalion, Jack London, Jungle Book [1942], The Lady Confesses, Lady Of Burlesque, The Last Chance [1945], Li'l Abner [1940], Love Laughs At Andy Hardy, Meet John Doe, My Man Godfrey, The North Star, Outpost In Morocco, Passport To Pimlico, Penny Serenade, Port Of New York, Pot O' Gold, The Red House [1947], Second Chorus, Shock [1946], The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock, Smash-Up, The Stork Club, The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers, The Strange Woman [1946], Sundown [1941], That Uncertain Feeling, This Is The Army, Topper Returns [1941], The Town Went Wild, Trapped [1949], Treasure Of Fear, Tulsa, Whistle Stop
Publisher:  Mill Creek Entertainment
Format:DVD Box Set
Date:24 Jul 2012
Region Code:Region 0
Classification:NOT RATED
Genre:Drama, Comedy, Mystery
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12-disc set.

My Man Godfrey
DirectorGregory La Cava
Selected CastWilliam Powell as Godfrey Parke
 Carole Lombard as Irene Bullock
 Alice Brady as Angelica Bullock
 Gail Patrick as Cornelia Bullock
(Information from Cinema World)
Boys Of The City
AKAThe Ghost Creeps
DirectorJoseph H. Lewis
Selected CastBobby Jordan as Danny Dolan
 Leo Gorcey as Muggs McGinnis
 Hal E. Chester as Buster
 Frankie Burke as Skinny
(Information from Cinema World)
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case
DirectorHarold S. Bucquet
Selected CastLew Ayres as Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare
 Lionel Barrymore as Dr. Leonard Gillespie
 Laraine Day as Nurse Mary Lamont
 Shepperd Strudwick as Dr. Gregory 'Greg' Lane
(Information from Cinema World)
His Girl Friday
DirectorHoward Hawks
Selected CastCary Grant as Walter Burns
 Rosalind Russell as Hildy Johnson
 Ralph Bellamy as Bruce Baldwin
 Gene Lockhart as Sheriff Hartwell
(Information from Cinema World)
Li'l Abner [1940]
DirectorAlbert S. Rogell
Selected CastJeff York as Li'l Abner Yokum
 Martha O'Driscoll as Daisy Mae Scragg
 Mona Ray as Pansy 'Mammy' Yokum
 Johnnie Morris as Lucifer 'Pappy' Yokum
(Information from Cinema World)
Second Chorus
DirectorH.C. Potter
Selected CastFred Astaire as Danny O'Neill
 Paulette Goddard as Ellen Miller
 Artie Shaw as Artie Shaw
 Charles Butterworth as Mr. Chisholm
(Information from Cinema World)
The Devil Bat
DirectorJean Yarbrough
Selected CastBela Lugosi as Dr. Paul Carruthers
 Suzanne Kaaren as Mary Heath
 Dave O'Brien as Johnny Layton
 Guy Usher as Henry Morton
(Information from Cinema World)
Broadway Limited
DirectorGordon Douglas
Selected CastVictor McLaglen as Mike
 Marjorie Woodworth as April
 Dennis O'Keefe as Dr. Harvey North
 Patsy Kelly as Patsy
(Information from Cinema World)
Cheers For Miss Bishop
DirectorTay Garnett
Selected CastMartha Scott as Ella Bishop
 William Gargan as Sam Peters
 Edmund Gwenn as President Corcoran
 Sterling Holloway as Chris Jensen
(Information from Cinema World)
Jungle Man
AKADrums Of Africa [1941]
DirectorHarry L. Fraser
Selected CastBuster Crabbe as Dr. Robert Hammond, aka Junga
 Charles Middleton as Rev. James 'Jim' Graham
 Sheila Darcy as Betty Graham
 Vince Barnett as Buckthorn 'Buck' the Guide
(Information from Cinema World)
Meet John Doe
DirectorFrank Capra
Selected CastGary Cooper as John Doe
 Barbara Stanwyck as Ann Mitchell
 Edward Arnold as D.B. Norton
 Walter Brennan as The 'Colonel'
(Information from Cinema World)
Penny Serenade
DirectorGeorge Stevens
Selected CastIrene Dunne as Julie Gardiner
 Cary Grant as Roger Adams
 Beulah Bondi as Miss Oliver
 Edgar Buchanan as Applejack
(Information from Cinema World)
Pot O' Gold
AKAJimmy Steps Out
DirectorGeorge Marshall
Selected CastJames Stewart as Jimmy Haskell
 Paulette Goddard as Molly McCorkle
 Horace Heidt as Horace Heidt
 Charles Winninger as C.J. Haskell
(Information from Cinema World)
Sundown [1941]
DirectorHenry Hathaway
Selected CastGene Tierney as Zia
 Bruce Cabot as William Crawford
 George Sanders as Coombes
 Harry Carey as Dewey
(Information from Cinema World)
That Uncertain Feeling
DirectorErnst Lubitsch
Selected CastMerle Oberon as Jill
 Melvyn Douglas as Larry
 Burgess Meredith as Sebastian
 Alan Mowbray as Dr. Vengard
(Information from Cinema World)
Topper Returns [1941]
DirectorRoy Del Ruth
Selected CastJoan Blondell as Gail Richards
 Roland Young as Cosmo Topper
 Carole Landis as Ann Carrington
 Billie Burke as Mrs. Topper
(Information from Cinema World)
Freckles Comes Home
DirectorJean Yarbrough
Selected CastJohnny Downs as 'Freckles' Winslow
 Gale Storm as Jane Potter
 Mantan Moreland as Jeff
 Irving Bacon as Constable Caleb Weaver
(Information from Cinema World)
Jungle Book [1942]
DirectorZoltan Korda
Selected CastSabu as Mowgli
 Joseph Calleia as Buldeo
 John Qualen as The Barber
 Frank Puglia as The Pundit
(Information from Cinema World)
Gung Ho! [1943]
AKAGung Ho!: The Story Of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders
DirectorRay Enright
Selected CastRandolph Scott as Col. Thorwald
 Alan Curtis as John Harbison
 Noah Beery Jr. as Cpl. Kurt Richter
 J. Carrol Naish as Lt. C.J. Cristoforos
(Information from Cinema World)
Jack London
DirectorAlfred Santell
Selected CastMichael O'Shea as Jack London
 Susan Hayward as Charmian Kittredge
(Information from Cinema World)
Lady Of Burlesque
DirectorWilliam A. Wellman
Selected CastBarbara Stanwyck as Deborah Hoople, aka Dixie Daisy
 Michael O'Shea as Biff Brannigan
 J. Edward Bromberg as S.B. Foss
 Iris Adrian as Gee Gee Graham
(Information from Cinema World)
The Adventures Of Tartu
DirectorHarold S. Bucquet
Selected CastRobert Donat as Captain Terence Stevenson, aka Jan Tartu
 Valerie Hobson as Maruschuka Lanova
 Walter Rilla as Inspector Otto Vogel
 Glynis Johns as Paula Palacek
(Information from Cinema World)
The North Star
AKAArmored Attack
DirectorLewis Milestone
Selected CastAnne Baxter as Marina Pavlov
 Dana Andrews as Kolya Simonov
 Walter Huston as Dr. Kurin
 Walter Brennan as Karp
(Information from Cinema World)
This Is The Army
AKAIrving Berlin's This Is The Army
DirectorMichael Curtiz
Selected CastGeorge Murphy as Jerry Jones
 Joan Leslie as Eileen Dibble
 George Tobias as Maxie Twardofsky
 Alan Hale as Sgt. McGee
(Information from Cinema World)
Guest In The House
AKASatan In Skirts
DirectorJohn Brahm
Selected CastAnne Baxter as Evelyn Heath
 Ralph Bellamy as Douglas Proctor
 Aline MacMahon as Aunt Martha
 Ruth Warrick as Ann Proctor
(Information from Cinema World)
The Town Went Wild
DirectorRalph Murphy
Selected CastFreddie Bartholomew as David Conway
 James Lydon as Bob Harrison
 Edward Everett Horton as Everett Conway
 Tom Tully as Henry Harrison
(Information from Cinema World)
The Way Ahead
AKAThe Immortal Battalion
DirectorCarol Reed
Selected CastDavid Niven as Lieutenant Jim Perry
 Stanley Holloway as Private Ted Brewer
 James Donald as Private Evan Lloyd
 John Laurie as Private Luke
(Information from Cinema World)
Die Letzte Chance
AKAThe Last Chance [1945]
DirectorLeopold Lindtberg
Selected CastEwart G. Morrison as Major Telford
 John Hoy as John Halliday
 Ray Reagan as James 'Jim' Braddock
 Luisa Rossi as Tonina
(Information from Cinema World)
Scared Stiff [1945]
AKATreasure Of Fear
DirectorFrank McDonald
Selected CastJack Haley as Larry Elliot
 Ann Savage as Sally Warren
 Barton MacLane as George 'Deacon' Markham
 Veda Ann Borg as Flo Rosson
(Information from Cinema World)
The Lady Confesses
DirectorSam Newfield
Selected CastMary Beth Hughes as Vicki McGuire
 Hugh Beaumont as Larry Craig
 Edmund MacDonald as Lucky Brandon
 Claudia Drake as Lucille Compton
(Information from Cinema World)
The Stork Club
DirectorHal Walker
Selected CastBetty Hutton as Judy Peabody
 Barry Fitzgerald as Jerry B. 'J.B.' / 'Pop' Bates
 Don DeFore as Sergeant Danny Wilton
 Robert Benchley as Tom P. Curtis
(Information from Cinema World)
Love Laughs At Andy Hardy
DirectorWillis Goldbeck
Selected CastMickey Rooney as Andy Hardy
 Lewis Stone as Judge Hardy
 Sara Haden as Aunt Milly
 Bonita Granville as Kay Wilson
(Information from Cinema World)
Shock [1946]
DirectorAlfred Werker
Selected CastVincent Price as Dr. Richard Cross
 Lynn Bari as Elaine Jordan
 Frank Latimore as Lt. Paul Stewart
 Anabel Shaw as Janet Stewart
(Information from Cinema World)
The Chase [1946]
DirectorArthur D. Ripley
Selected CastRobert Cummings as Chuck Scott
 Michèle Morgan as Lorna Roman
 Steve Cochran as Eddie Roman
 Lloyd Corrigan as Emmerrich Johnson
(Information from Cinema World)
The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers
DirectorLewis Milestone
Selected CastBarbara Stanwyck as Martha Ivers
 Van Heflin as Sam Masterson
 Lizabeth Scott as Antonia 'Toni' Marachek
 Kirk Douglas as Walter O'Neil
(Information from Cinema World)
The Strange Woman [1946]
DirectorEdgar Ulmer
Selected CastHedy Lamarr as Henny Hager
 George Sanders as John Evered
 Louis Hayward as Ephraim Poster
 Gene Lockhart as Isaiah Poster
(Information from Cinema World)
Whistle Stop
DirectorLeonide Moguy
Selected CastGeorge Raft as Kenny Veech
 Ava Gardner as Mary
 Victor McLaglen as Gitlo
 Tom Conway as Lew Lentz
(Information from Cinema World)
Dick Tracy's Dilemma
DirectorJohn Rawlins
Selected CastRalph Byrd as Dick Tracy
 Lyle Latell as Pat Patton
 Kay Christopher as Tess Trueheart
 Jack Lambert as Steve 'The Claw' Michel
(Information from Cinema World)
Dishonored Lady
AKASins Of Madeleine
DirectorRobert Stevenson
Selected CastHedy Lamarr as Madeleine Damien
 Dennis O'Keefe as Dr. David S. Cousins
 John Loder as Felix Courtland
(Information from Cinema World)
AKASmash-Up: The Story Of A Woman
DirectorStuart Heisler
Selected CastSusan Hayward as Angelica Evans Conway
 Lee Bowman as Ken Conway
 Marsha Hunt as Martha Gray
 Eddie Albert as Steve Nelson
(Information from Cinema World)
The Red House [1947]
DirectorDelmer Daves
Selected CastEdward G. Robinson as Pete Morgan
 Lon McCallister as Nath Storm
 Judith Anderson as Ellen Morgan
 Rory Calhoun as Teller
(Information from Cinema World)
The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock
AKAMad Wednesday
DirectorPreston Sturges
Selected CastHarold Lloyd
 Jimmy Conlin
 Raymond Walburn
 Rudy Vallee
(Information from Cinema World)
Adventures Of Gallant Bess
DirectorLew Landers
Selected CastCameron Mitchell as Ted Daniels
 Audrey Long as Penny Gray
 Fuzzy Knight as Woody
 James Millican as Bud Millerick
(Information from Cinema World)
Outpost In Morocco
DirectorRobert Florey
Selected CastGeorge Raft as Captain Paul Gerard
 Marie Windsor as Cara
 Akim Tamiroff as Lieutenant Glysko
 John Litel as Colonel Pascal
(Information from Cinema World)
Passport To Pimlico
DirectorHenry Cornelius
Selected CastStanley Holloway as Arthur Pemberton
 Betty Warren as Connie Pemberton
 Barbara Murray as Shirley Pemberton
 Charles Hawtrey as Bert Fitch
(Information from Cinema World)
Port Of New York
DirectorLaslo Benedek
Selected CastScott Brady as Michael 'Mickey' Waters
 Richard Rober as Jim Flannery
 K.T. Stevens as Toni Cardell
 Yul Brynner as Paul Vicola
(Information from Cinema World)
Reign Of Terror [1949]
AKAThe Black Book [1949]
DirectorAnthony Mann
Selected CastRobert Cummings as Charles D'Aubigny
 Richard Basehart as Maximilian Robespierre
 Richard Hart as François Barras
 Arlene Dahl as Madelon
(Information from Cinema World)
Trapped [1949]
DirectorRichard Fleischer
Selected CastLloyd Bridges as Tris Stewart
 Barbara Payton as Meg Dixon
 John Hoyt as John Downey
 James Todd as Jack Sylvester
(Information from Cinema World)
DirectorStuart Heisler
Selected CastSusan Hayward as Cherokee Lansing
 Robert Preston as Brad Brady
 Pedro Armendariz as Jim Redbird
(Information from Cinema World)
D.O.A. [1950]
AKADead On Arrival [1950]
DirectorRudolph Maté
Selected CastEdmond O'Brien as Frank Bigelow
 Pamela Britton as Paula Gibson
 Luther Adler as Majak
 Beverly Campbell as Miss Foster
(Information from Cinema World)


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